1969 Camaro
VIN: 124379L513891
Engine code: T1119JL
Block: 3955272
Engine Serial# 513891 (stamped on boss near oil filter)
Heads: 3919840
Intake: 3933163
Firewall plate:
ST 69 12437 VN 195666
TR712 55 55
12C S 619
Transmission: "CX" code
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Here's a picture of my Father's toy: a 1969 Camaro

It's a 1969 Camaro SS 396!!! The matching numbers on the VIN and engine (stamped on the boss above the oil filter) verify this is an authentic L78 (375HP) car. Only 4889 L78 Camaro SS cars were made in the 1969 model year.

Here's a closeup of the cowl tag. Although the '1' is tough to see, the build code is '12C', which is the 3rd week in December 1968. The code stamped into the block deck is 'T1119JL', which translates to: T=Tonawanda engine plant, 1119=November 19th, JL=396/375 w/TH400 trans. Engines were typically built 3 weeks (or so) before the cars, which checks with the build date code on the cowl tag.



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