CPP 64-67 Nova Stock Spindle Disc Brake Kit - Drum Brake Removal

This page describes the removal of the original drum brake setup.

[WARNING/DISCLAIMER: use this information at your own risk, modifying automobile brake systems can lead to dangerous situations, always have a trained mechanic check your work, I take no responsibility for the results, you've been warned, you're on your own...]

Removing drum brakes from spindle:

Getting started...

Original drum setup

Tire off, ready to work

Pull the drum off the hub. It should just pull off. If it does not, the pads may have worn a ridge in the drum. Turn the star wheel adjuster to loosen the brakes and make more room to pull the drum off if needed. You can get to the star wheel adjuster through the oval hole at the lower edge of the backing plate.

Drum removed

Drum off hub

11.25" outside diameter drum

First step is to remove top springs

Be careful prying! The springs will pop off with great force, and best case will end up on the other side of the garage, worst case end up in your eye.

Vice-Grips work well to remove springs too

Drum star wheel adjuster and spring at bottom

Remove adjuster spring

Remove adjuster

Shoes are attached with spring clips

Push in, turn 90*, and release slowly. You may need to hold the pin from the back to keep it from turning.

Shoes, springs, and adjuster removed

Pry off the dust cap on hub with a big screwdriver...

...to expose the spindle nut and cotter pin.

Remove cotter pin...

...remove spindle nut...

...remove washer...

...and outer bearing.

Ready to pull the hub?

Pull the hub off of the spindle.

Remove the lower bolts on backing plate.

The top bolt has a square washer with retaining tabs bent up to keep the bolt from turning. Flatten out the tabs first.

After tabs are flattened, remove top nut

The backing plate should now be removed from the spindle.

The backing plate removed...with flex hose still attached.

Remove the flex hose from the wheel cylinder. You will not be re-using any of these parts, so don't be shy.

Drain fluid into a container.

See the section on removing the original master cylinder, taking off the cover of the master cylinder at this point will speed up the draining process.

Disconnect the brake line from the flex hose. Use two wrenches for a better grip. Tubing wrenches are recommended as they do a better job of keepin the corners from getting rounded off.

Once the brake line is loose, pry off the retaining clip, and the hose will come out of the bracket.


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