CPP 64-67 Nova Stock Spindle Disc Brake Kit - Kit Parts

This page describes the kit contents of Classic Performance Products' 64-67 stock spindle front disc brake conversion kit

[WARNING/DISCLAIMER: use this information at your own risk, modifying automobile brake systems can lead to dangerous situations, always have a trained mechanic check your work, I take no responsibility for the results, you've been warned, you're on your own...]

This is what's in the kit

rotor/hub - one piece

10.75" diameter rotor

New brake caliper. The instructions say this is for a 1982-1991 S-10 ton pickup 2wd application.

Note the two copper washers on the caliper pin at the left of the picture. These are for the banjo fitting on the flex hose connection to the caliper.

New hoses and clips

caliper brackets

hardware kit...spindle nuts, bearings, bracket bolts, dust cover


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