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We’re legal!

Finally got through the punchlist for the inspection, and got the sticker!

Off to the ice cream stand for the maiden voyage.  Temp light came on after a few minutes, have to investigate that, otherwise a very smooth first trip.

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New shoes

The tires that came with the car had plenty of tread, in fact they looked to have very little wear on them.  The problem was they were dry rotted and cracking in between the tread lines.  I found the date code on the sidewall and it decoded to 1993. Time for new tires before it was good to pass inspection.

I wasn’t crazy about the rim/tire/stance combination, so after a lot of research, I found a good setup.

old: 15×8 AZ code (Corvette) rims with 4” backspace, and 215-65-15 tires on all 4 corners.  The rear looked skinny, but the front looked too wide.

new: I kept two of the 15×8 rims for the rear, but used bigger 245-60-15 tires.

New rear on left, old on right:

On the front, I got two aftermarket 15×7 rims with a 4.25” backspace, and used smaller 215-60-15 tires.

New front on left, old on right:

Finished product:




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Scraping and more scraping

The footwells in the 68 have all been replaced by a previous owner, but they did a very odd thing.  The new pans were installed from the inside…without cutting the original rusty pans out first.  Also, someone had stuck roofing ice shield on the floor as a low-budget dynamat.  The net result was nasty rusty floors when viewed from underneath, that looked like they were being held together by the ice shield from the top.  This earned me a to-do from my inspection guy: scrape it off – is there really good metal under there?

There were a few spots where it didn’t stick too well because of dirt, but unfortunately for me, most of it was stuck down pretty good.  Armed with a chisel and a putty knife, I scraped and scraped and…you get the idea.

And…voila.  Good metal.  1 down, 3 to go…