Recent Updates

  • New Engine Begins
    The engine that came with the car is not original, and it’s old and tired. I decided to buy another old and tired engine to rebuild so I have less downtime for the car. I spotted a likely candidate on Craigslist, and picked it up. The engine came on a storage dolly, but I needed […]
  • Headlight door motor retrofit overview
    The original RS headlight door setup is complicated, unreliable, and expensive.  1967 was an electric system, 68 and 69 were vacuum-operated.  You can purchase aftermarket reproduction parts to re-create those.  There are also a couple of aftermarket retrofit kits available. Here’s a relatively inexpensive retrofit that will operate the doors if you are not concerned […]
  • Both Headlight Doors Test
    I still need to take care of a bunch of details, but the basics are working!
  • Mounting the headlight door motors
    After playing around with the motors and the headlight bucket and door brackets, I decided the simples solution was to drive the original arm directly from the motor.  I drilled holes in the bracket, mounted the motor, then made a D-shaped hole in a scrap 3/16” metal plate, and bolted it together.
  • Headlight door motors
    From what i can tell, this car was originally a base model (manual transmission) car.  The RS pieces are OEM, probably from a wrecked car.  The headlight doors did swing on their brackets, but none of the mechanism or wiring to open and close them were on the car when we got it. The original […]