Recent Updates

  • New rear shocks
    I’ve been driving the car more this summer since I’ve addressed a lot of the problem areas. The next item on the punchlist was getting it to ride more comfortably. The suspension felt very stiff, particularly in the rear, and going over potholes or train tracks felt like the car was going to shake apart.… Read more: New rear shocks
  • New roof rail weatherstripping
    The roof rail weatherstripping on the car is probably the original stuff, and after 55 years, it doesn’t really do its job very well. I bought a bunch of weatherstripping for the car when I first bought it, and have slowly been installing it on the car ever since. I decided it was time to… Read more: New roof rail weatherstripping
  • Lowering the Seat
    When I first installed the Scat/ProCar Rally seats, the seating position seemed at least 2-3″ taller than the stock seats. Granted, the stockers were pretty worn out, but the seating position still bugged me. I finally got around to lowering the seats on the brackets. There’s 3 positions available on the seat brackets. Unfortunately, there’s… Read more: Lowering the Seat
  • 2023 Show and Shine, Merrimack NH
  • Chin Spoiler Installation
    I uncovered a chin spoiler in my parts pile that I had purchased early on, but had gotten buried in other things in the garage. The spoiler is from OER, and is plastic. I also purchased struts and a fastener kit for it. The top edge of the spoiler attaches to the lower edge of… Read more: Chin Spoiler Installation