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Freshening Center Caps

The car came with a set of rally rims including trim rings and center caps.  As other details of the car came together, the center caps started looking a bit rough by comparison.  I’m not looking for a 100% concours restoration, I just want it to look cleaner.

First step was pulling the cap and scrubbing the loose paint and dirt off of it.  I hit it with a toothbrush and some brakleen spray, and that did a decent job.

Next step was masking it off a bit before painting

Then I hit it with some satin black paint

Then I uncovered the top and gave that a quick spray to fill in the lettering

Then I wiped the paint off of the face with a paper towel and a little brakleeen spray.  A couple of passes, and the paint was removed from the face completely.

Next step was carefully wiping the paint off of the ribs on the cap, again using a paper towel and a little solvent spray.

and…finished product: