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Lowering the Seat

When I first installed the Scat/ProCar Rally seats, the seating position seemed at least 2-3″ taller than the stock seats. Granted, the stockers were pretty worn out, but the seating position still bugged me.

I finally got around to lowering the seats on the brackets.

There’s 3 positions available on the seat brackets. Unfortunately, there’s not enough clearance between the floor bracket and the floor to use anything other than the bottom (tallest) position on the seat bracket. In order to use the shorter positions, the seat bracket has to be cut.


I went all the way and cut the bottom two positions off of the seat mounting brackets. This puts the seat as low as it can possibly be. Reinstalling the rear bracket bolts was a big fight, as the slider mechanism hits the floor bracket when it’s installed in the shortest slot of the seat bracket.

The result is that the seat is about 1″ lower than it was originally, which is an improvement. I’d personally like to see it drop by another inch, but I don’t see any way to make that happen. I haven’t driven it yet with this modification, so it may be fine already.