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Door Glass Fix – Part 1

The window on the driver’s side door hasn’t rolled down all the way since we got the car.  There was about 3″ showing when it was as far down as it was going to go.  After the mouse nest fiasco, I assumed it had something to do with that.  I was right.

Working with the door glass on these cars is awful.  I found an excellent series of videos about doing the job, that at least showed it could be done, and lots of good tips on how to do it in the easiest way possible.

Once I got the glass out, I discovered that the front guide track was corroded at the bottom, and still had the remnants of the mouse nest that I had removed from the door when we first owned the car.

A lengthy session with a wire brush followed, and the guide track was clear enough to fit over the window roller again.

I also found out that there were some missing parts.  The guide is supposed to have a rubber block at the bottom to act as a stop.  I’m guessing the mice ate it.

There are also supposed to be two guide blocks on the inside top of the door.  The rear one is missing.

While the glass was out, I got to play “How many times has this door been painted”, and I counted at least 3 different colors, in addition to the factory color.