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Next stop: brakes

The winter project is a brake rebuild.  New hardware and wheel cylinders at all corners, and new brake shoes.

I started on the left front, as that looked to be the worst corner.  The brakes were very grabby in the front, and although the brake hardware was all there and in decent shape, it was covered in junk.

I got the car pulled into the garage bay so I could work on it over the winter.

When I pulled it apart and started to clean, it was apparent that the hub seal had been leaking, and some of the grease had made its way onto the brake shoes.  That would explain the grabby brakes.

After stripping it all down, cleaning and painting, I decided to pull the hub and replace the hub seal.

I cleaned all the old grease out and packed it with new bearing grease, and reassembled with a new hub seal.  Next was the new wheel cylinder.

New hardware…and new brake shoes.

Painted and done!