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Reupholstering the Back Seat – Part 2

I started with the upright part of the seat.  The first step is attaching the burlap to the frame.  I cut the burlap to the rough size of the frame and attached it in a few spots with hog rings.  I found a good tip online about folding the burlap over the edge, then back up again before putting the hog rings on.  That puts the hog rings through 4 layers of burlap, which is a much sturdier way to attach it.

Next is the cotton batting.  I had ordered 5 yards of 2″ loose cotton batting, expecting that I could do both the seat back and bottom with it.  After test-fitting the cover a few times, I kept adding more batting, and ended up using all 5 yards.  I think it could even use some more.

I got the batting from which sells it by the yard.

I put the first layer on and tacked it down with some hog rings.

I cleaned up the original stay wires and put them into the sleeves in the new cover.

Then I put the cover on top edge first:

A few rings to tack it down, then over to tuck the bottom edge in and snug it up

The result with one layer of batting was really too loose

So I added more batting…twice…

I found another trick to snugging the cover on easily.  Thread a ziptie through the frame, and through the sleeve with the stay wire, and then zip it up until it is tight.  Then it’s easy to add the hog rings.

More hog rings, and it’s tacked down

I’m still not happy with the result, I am going to open it back up again and add more batting…once I buy more.