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Reupholstering the Back Seat – Part 4

The seat bottom is next to be redone.  The first step is to strip the old cover and padding off.  The seat back had the cover attached only at the edges.  The seat bottom is going to be more challenging as there is also an attachment on either side of the driveshaft hump.  There were a lot more hog rings used in the bottom than there were on the back.  I’m glad I got a package of 500.

There is no padding on the front or sides of the seat.  The padding wraps around the top edge of the frame a little, and then stops.  This is to make sure that the seat will fit in between the two side panels.

This is where the seat cover and batting is attached on the side of the driveshaft hump.  There is a listing wire that goes into a pocket on the cover, burlap and padding is added to the frame, then the listing wire is hog-ringed to the spring assembly.  This center section needs to be attached before the outer edges of the cover is attached.

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